Halborn Security Completes Security Audit of Affine

Affine puts Safety First

Today, we are proud to announce that Halborn Securities, an award-winning team of ethical blockchain hackers, has finished auditing the Affine Protocol. The community is thrilled that the auditor team has found no security threats in Affine’s smart contracts.

Halborn’s team tested the protocol’s smart contracts thoroughly with a variety of automated and manual testing methods over a three-week period. During this period, Halborn identified a few very low to medium security threats, which were quickly remediated by Affine’s core team.“We are pleased to have audited Affine. Our team of blockchain specialists and cybersecurity experts conducted an extensive code review to ensure all vulnerabilities were checked. We look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.” said Rob Behnke, CEO of Halborn.

Conclusion: No major vulnerabilities were identified.

Users value the safety of their funds over any other feature and this remains more true than ever with the spate of insolvent centralized exchanges and crypto lenders. Rightfully so, many remain skeptical of crypto due to its high volatility and the ongoing string of, at best, ethically dubious activities. And now that we’ve entered what can safely be described as a crypto winter, investors are more skeptical than ever. Taken together, this has left trust in the industry at an all-time low as individuals feel very insecure and unsafe about making investment decisions.

Providing transparency at the forefront through auditable smart contracts, paired with robust security audits, is a step in the right direction. In many ways, the current crisis is why the core team set out to build Affine over a year ago. We’re now closer than ever to bringing the benefits of DeFi to all in a trusted way. DeFi yields across multiple chains, easy diversification, near-ZERO transaction cost, and radical transparency are the way that crypto will grow. We’re excited to be part of this journey and look forward to sharing more as we approach our public mainnet launch.



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