Announcing the Affine DAO

Today, the Affine Community has voted to establish a DAO. With this, we take one step closer to realizing the vision of creating the best experience in DeFi by making it easier, more transparent, and more accessible for everyone to participate in the space.

From now on, the Affine Foundation will be in sole charge of propagating the decisions of the DAO and executing in the best interest of the DAO. Community discussions will continue to take place on Discord until more formal discussion-based forums and voting mechanisms are established.

As voted on by the DAO, Multilyr Inc. will function as the primary development team responsible for executing on the development needs of the Foundation. Moreover, all of the core IP has been open-sourced. The code can be found in Github and the Affine Multi-Sig addresses can be found below:

For ongoing updates and discussions, please join the DAO Discord.



Our mission is to expand economic opportunity for everyone.

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