Alpine Transforms into Affine

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new face of our company, Affine. Over the last year, we’ve been heads down building a protocol that aims to change the way people can access the world of crypto and decentralized finance. And while our mission remains the same, we wanted a brand that better reflected our vision.

At our core, we believe in transformation. Cryptocurrencies have changed how we think about the world and what is possible with digital technologies. Decentralized Finance, or DeFi , is transforming how value is exchanged in a permissionless manner. And while we see this Cambrian explosion in new technologies, new dApps, and the emergence of a truly new industry, we knew that this proliferation was going to make it harder — not easier — to reach for most people.

For this reason, we’re trying to bridge the realities of today and the future that we can imagine. Changing wallets, bridging between chains, and researching new protocols and tokens are just a few of the pieces that are required to invest in DeFi. For many, this complexity is simply a non-starter. To make this innovation beneficial to more people, we are emphasizing security, simplicity, and sustainability in order to earn the trust of the community.

For this reason, we are changing our name to Affine. The name takes inspiration from our founding team’s roots as mathematicians, economics, and quantitative finance practitioners. An affine transformation is a geometric transformation that can change the size and shape of an object while preserving the shape, parallelism, and fundamental properties. And as the concept suggests, both the spirit of transformation and the substance of how that can be accomplished represents our vision for Affine.

With Affine, users can invest in any asset on any chain — Layer 1, 2 or beyond — for near zero costs. This means they can focus on building a sustainable investment strategy tailored to their goals and not have to worry about where or how to access a given asset.

We’re nearing the completion of the protocol and are excited to share more soon. Until then, you can join our dApp waitlist on our website and join the conversation on Discord.

— The Affine Team



Our mission is to expand economic opportunity for everyone.

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